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Refresh an old cycle with a new paintjob

Sometimes we get asked to refresh an old bicycle with a new paintjob. It's true that without full sandblasting and powdercoating facilities theres a limit to what you can do on a tight budget. But we enjoy doing them sometimes. Heres one from last summer where the customer wanted to reinvent a boys orange coloured BMX into a purple BMX - the grey in the middle picture was a primer. I still see this around now so its held up well 9 months on. The secret is patience, layers and clearcoat, cheap old bicycles can be a fun canvas to experiment with - how would you do up yours ?.....




We did another coupe of resprays a few months later with an old shopper, this time we used enamels rather than acrylic paints for a deeper lustre - again we were on a really tight budget at the time but shows what can be done with some patience- have fun out there and get painting yourselves maybe, just make sure you wear a mask and keep well ventilated...







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