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Bike Repair, Bicycle Repair, Cycle Service Bristol Bath - all year around...

At Boing Bicycles we're always happy to come to you. 

We fix every type of bicycle known to man, we've been doing this a long time. 

If you need that ancient stuck bottom bracket removing chances are we can do it.

Gears not indexing ? No problem.

Brakes broken ? We will have your power back in no time.

You phone, we quote, we carry out the service. The same day if possible. No queues just service and customer care.

We're not happy unless you're delighted. 

All bikes can work better. They just need the right 'touch' .

There is a precise science to cycle maintainence, but there's also an art to it.

See you soon !



Owner Boing Bicycles

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Please phone for a quote £ all enquiries welcome !