A greased up bicycle rides best !

March 23, 2015






At Boing Bicycles we take pride in fixing up our customers bicycles to the highest standard we can.


If you follow this photo sequence through you can see the headset of a customer’s Charge Stove (beautiful riding bicycles) being cleaned, derusted, regreased and reassembled.



This ones not badly worn we’ve caught it in time to drive the water out and reseal and regrease it. If we need to though we’ll always replace bearings.






Headsets take a lot of wear and tear on bicycles – in fact any bicycle bearing surface moving or static really needs some lubrication to keep everything smooth and creak free. You can see that a healthy amount of high quality grease is being used here.







Not all greases are equal – we use a combination of the very best we can.

It all comes together in the quality of the ride – which in the end is what its all about.


Now this is all greased up we'll reset the bearing load and then work through the wheels and bottom bracket bearings with the same approach. So there you have it... a quick insight into greasing up bearings.


Smooth trails..until next time.. :)





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