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There are so many....

Different types of bicycle and as many different types of riders again. 

Whats wonderful about the humble two wheeler as a mode of transport is that in the end its just people taking a journey from A to B regardless of how fast or slow.

I grew up in the 80's really. 

Here in the UK the odds were high that you maybe pedalled around on a Raleigh or a Peugeot hi tensile steel framed bike. 

As the 80's became the 90's US brands along the lines of Trek and Kona and Marin really began to become more visible here. 

The media of choice to spread the news of these fat and thin tyred flyers were the magazines. This was pre internet. A quick internet search of 'retrobike' will take you to an internet forum of 1000s of dedicated devotees of those machines and those of that era. 

Fast forward to today and there's never been so many light affordable and mostly enjoyable machines to ride around on. 

Aluminium frames dominate the mass produced bike which is interesting as once it was premium and chromoly was the choice material.

Carbon and titanium exotica is a little more accessible than some time ago. 

I've been lucky to own a couple of hundred bicycles in my life but the ones I enjoyed the most ? 

Well I had as much fun on the £150 second hand machines as I did on the ones worth a few £1000. In the end 'ownership' of anything is fleeting in the scheme of a lifetime.

What money can't buy as such is the feeling of freedom that a well set up bicycle can bring. Two wheels and a frame set up well whether its from the bargain bin or the most elite bike available will still feel like a dog if its been set up badly.

Finding a good mechanic or better still teaching yourself is the real key to a smooth running cycle. 

Look after your bike even just a little with a clean chain and some oil and a brake cable change and amazing things can happen, every time you ride - you'll zing along like a teenager again ..however old you are...and thats priceless.

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