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October 7, 2017

We all love a picture. This week we have a guest blogger Mike McCleish - 


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Mike's put together a great guide on buying bikes for the confused unacquainted or just the curious !


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"If you've decided to buy yourself a bicycle make sure you ask yourself these questions before buying anything:

- What kind of terrain are you riding on?
- How far will you be going?
- What riding position do you like?

It can get pretty confusing though... For example:

If you're looking to ride long distances, you'll most likely consider a touring bike, which is specifically designed to carry heavy weights. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, we have a "fixie bike," which is a completely stripped down road bike and highly customisable.

With fixies, people often customise everything from the handlebars to the crankset (so much so that I recently wrote a review about cranksets on my site - Pinch-flat ).

And after you've got all of that stuff right what about things like the saddle height and clipless pedals?!

I know, I know.. complicated stuff!

To stop everything from becoming too much of a headache I've put together a visual guide. Hopefully, this will help to narrow the type of bike you'd like to own for the type riding that you'll be doing.

Check it out :)

- Mike " 


Thks Mike we're loving your infographic and enthusiasm for all things bicycle.



Have a great day 




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