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Why I love Bikes......and Aeroplane mode...

When I was a kid aged about 8 I first discovered the feeling of freedom that came from riding my bike. It was my passport into a world of more or less free adventure. A simple pleasure that stayed with me through my teenage years, I certainly did my fair share of wilderness weekend biking deep in the Northern English countryside where I grew up. Fast forward 25 years or so from my mid teens and here I am making a living from bikes - happily fixing bikes and promoting bike parts. I still have an immense sense of serenity when I go off for a bike ride. Free of other distractions there is something visceral about the experience. I feel lucky to still have access to that serenity that I first picked up in my teens really. On the other hand in the physical world we live in amazing technological times. Mobile phones and computing and the internet have added so much to our experience - I love and live with the possibilities that brings each day. What I do know as well though is how much I need that quiet time. That time riding a bike, reading a book, that feeling that comes as well from having the self discipline to use 'aeroplane' mode on my devices. Remembering how to 'switch off' is something we have to consciously remember to do. Don't get me wrong there's wondrous things the technology brings but there's also something vital about quality 'you' time. Bikes  (and Aeroplane mode) are definitely one way to access it...

Until next time...enjoy and seize your days..

Happy Rides

#youtime #Ilovemybike #peacefulliving #serenity #livingpeacefully #rememberingtobehuman

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